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CLICK Series PLCs (Stackable Micro Brick)

Click Series PLCs

Programmable controllers come in many form factors and levels of hardware options and software capabilities.

CLICK series controllers are low-cost, brick/stackable units used for simple control and monitoring, available with Ethernet communication and free easy-to-use programming software.

CLICK PLUS you can find here   


The Almost Free PLC that's so simple,
we named it CLICK®

Use a CLICK CPU as a standalone PLC...

Click CPU Koyo

The Basic & Standard CPU's have eight discrete inputs and six discrete outputs built-in. The Analog and Ethernet Analog CPUs have 4 discrete inputs, 4 discrete outputs, as well as 2 or 4 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs.All these DC powered PLCs are mighty controllers as stand alone units, or you can expand the I/O count with up to 8 modules for up to 142 total discrete I/O points and 54 analog I/O channels!

CLICK offers flexible power options

With multiple options for main input power, this flexible unit allows you to decide what best fits in your control cabinet. Use your existing 24VDC power supply (if applicable), select one of our low cost CLICK PLC power supplies (based on your system power budget requirements) or select one of AutomationDirect’s rugged Rhino power supplies.


CLICK to save space and time


CLICK modules lock together for easy installation. CLICK is 'rackless', saving valuable panel space by occupying only as much DIN rail length as required for your application. Zip-link modules cut your PLC wiring time down to minutes instead of hours, and can save you hundreds of dollars on terminal blocks and labor.

.....expand CLICK for more complex applications.


The I/O line-up includes 27 modules to choose from, including both sinking & sourcing 24VDC input & output options, 120VAC input & output modules, and relay modules for those applications requiring a little more power.


Need a matching HMI?

CLICK is a perfect match for C-more Micro, we designed them to work together. Both are an excellent value. And a single, inexpensive cable supplies power and communication.

CLICK plays nicely with others


Two (2) RS-232 communications ports supporting industry standard MODBUS RTU protocol are included on all units. Standard, Ethernet Standard, Analog and Ethernet Analog models also include an RS-485 port for even more connectivity. These ports are suitable for connection to a PC for programming, networking PLCs, C-more/C-more Micro operator interface panels, variable frequency drives, servos, steppers, and any other MODBUS-enabled devices.

Click in depth

CLICK PLUS Programmable Controllers (Stackable Micro Modular)

Click plus.jpg

Programmable logic controllers have to reliably execute the logic and communications that modern day industries require. CLICK PLUS PLCs combine the simplicity of the original CLICK with advanced features including Wi-Fi capability, MQTT communication, data logging and mobile access. CPU units offer one option slot to house a variety of I/O modules, and also accept CLICK stackable I/O.

Click Plus

CLICK® PLUS Series Programmable Logic Controllers CPUs


Controller CPUs contain the processing, memory and I/O interface needed in an automated control system. CLICK PLUS CPUs provide the simple control CLICK PLCs are known for but with enhanced security, customizable I/O, microSD data logging, micro USB programming, and more. Wi-Fi capability in select units allows even more flexible communication accessibility.The CLICK PLUS series of controllers offers three CPU options with varying degrees of capability so you can choose the features that best fit your application. Wi-Fi connectivity, Ethernet communication, and data logging are all available options.

  • Choose your preferred communication method - wired, wireless (Wi-Fi) or both

  • Micro USB programming port for in-an-instant connections

  • Data logging with microSD support (on select models)

  • Serial and Ethernet options with MQTT, EtherNet/IP and Modbus RTU/TCP capability

  • CPU option module slot allows you to tailor your stand-alone PLC I/O to your particular application

  • Network Time Protocol and DNS support

  • Version 3.0 Software includes Ribbon toolbar and color themes

  • 16 CPU slot option modules are currently available to add analog and discrete I/O to any CLICK PLUS CPU.

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