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Motion Control 
and Encoders

Motion Control & Encoders
Motion Control Sure Products

Motion control typically refers to systems with accurate position/velocity/torque capabilities operating in either open or closed loop mode. Open loop stepping drives send motion commands to stepper motors, but receive no information about the result. Closed loop servo systems have feedback devices at the motor shaft to verify or adjust the resulting motion.


LS Electric® L7C Servo Systems -
Servo Motors and Servo Drives

LS Electric L7CA servo systems combine a high-performance servo motor with a servo amplifier (drive) to achieve accurate position, velocity, or torque control. Automatic tuning, built-in indexer and other standard features make this series an extremely cost-effective offering. Select system size based on power/torque requirements. Add power and feedback cables plus an I/O breakout module for a complete system.

Use our L7C Servo Selector Tool to size your system, and to specify all the required and optional accessories for your application. 


NEW! LS Electric® L7C Servo Systems

LS Electric servo systems provide the most requested features -setup wizards, auto tuning, built-in indexers and more - in an
extremely cost-eff ective package: 

  • 5 standard servo systems from 100W to 1kW

  • 200-230VAC single-phase input power on all systems

  • Control via high-speed pulse train, analog speed or torque signal, or internal indexing

  • Use with AutomationDirect CLICK, Do-more BRX, or Productivity series PLCs; or any other host controller or HMI

  • Auto-Tuning and FREE setup software (with built-in o-scope function)

  • Fully digital with up to 1kHz velocity loop response

Need more torque?LS Electric® MSS Series Inline Planetary Gearboxes

Pre-matched LS Electric gearboxes offer easy mounting to the servo motor.  Use these gearboxes to increase the available torque or to solve inertia mismatch problems.

  •  5:1, 10:1 and 20:1 gearbox models
    perfectly matched to each motor size

  • Increase the motor output torque
    by 5x, 10x or 20x

  • Full motor output torque allowed
    for all pairings

  • Reflected inertia of the load is
    reduced by the square of the
    reduction ratio!

  • Mounting hardware included


For more Information about our Encoders,please click here:

SureServo®2 AC Servo Systems - Servo Motors and Servo Drives


SureServo2 Systems: 8 standard servo drives, 14 standard servo motors ... 100W to 15kW ... New!

The AutomationDirect SureServo2 family of brushless servo systems is the newest edition of our flagship SureServo family. SureServo2 offers even more power and features (and at lower cost) than our previous offering. There are 14 standard permanent magnet servo motors that can be operated in combination with one of eight standard servo drives:

  • Precise control of position, velocity and torque at incredible prices!

  • 15 standard systems from 100W to 15kW

  • 120VAC or 230VAC single-phase input power up to 2kW (and all models accept 230VAC 3-phase input)

  • Use with AutomationDirect CLICK, Do-more BRX, or Productivity series PLCs; or any other host controller or HMI

  • Professionally manufactured cables for motor power, encoder feedback, and brake (optional), in standard or continuous flexing versions (3m, 5m, 10m, or 20m lengths)

  • On-board motion controller with registration, electronic camming, and event-based logic control

  • Option modules for EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP provide factory networking capability

  • External encoder support provides full closed-loop control (i.e. to compensate for slippage between motor and load)

  • 24-bit encoder has over 16 million PPR resolution (that's >46k pulses for ONE degree of motion). And the drive will scale to any input pulse resolution, while still maintaining this high degree of internal accuracy for all moves

  • Absolute encoder (via battery backup) never loses position, even when drive power is disconnected

  • Safe Torque Off (STO) for machine safety compliance without using bulky, expensive contactors

  • Configuration software (FREE download here, or order on USB device) allows for parameter upload/download, multiple auto-tuning modes, and includes a built-in oscilloscope for diagnostic and troubleshooting


SureGear® High-Precision Inline Strain Wave Gearboxes ... New!


Strain wave gearboxes offer many advantages over planetary and helical gearboxes, such as much higher gear ratios, higher efficiency, lower heat and noise generation, and zero backlash. Available in ratios up to 200:1 and a selection of output shaft diameters, these SureGear strain wave gearboxes are designed to work with our SureServo and SureStep motors.


SureGear strain wave gearboxes offer many advantages over planetary and helical gearboxes. Strain wave (also known as harmonic) gearboxes allow for a higher gear ratio compared to the same sized planetary gearbox. They also generate less heat and noise and are more efficient. These gearboxes are designed to work with SureServo2 motors (up to 10kW medium-inertia) and SureStep stepper motors (or other small NEMA frame motors).

  • Stressproof output shaft, high tensile strength, resistant to fatigue and excellent wearability

  • Output flange has a precision pilot

  • Double-row angular contact bearing provides a precision output with high stiffness,
    and high radial and axial load capacities

  • Flexspline progressively engages with the circular spline with a zero backlash tooth mesh

  • Precision shaped circular spline remains stationary and engages with the Flexspline

  • Wave generator elliptical ball bearing turns with input motor and causes the rotating elliptical wave form on the Flexspline

  • Precision sealed bearing axially fixes the input shaft and wave generator positions

  • Quick-connect motor coupling provides reliable and simple connection

  • Factory-machined input flange match SureServo2 and SureStep motors


SureStep® - Stepper Systems


SureStep® is an open-loop stepping system that provides simple and accurate control of position and speed, and offers a low cost motion control solution with up to 1200 oz-in of torque

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or other indexers and motion controllers act as a stepper motor controller to send step pulses and direction signals that are received by the Standard stepper drive to allow very precise motion control.

The Advanced stepper drives also accept pulse inputs, but they also can be commanded by an analog speed signal or by serial communication. The SureStep stepping system series includes:

  • Two DIP-switch configurable microstepper drives

  • Two software configurable advanced microstepper drives

  • Two braking accessories

  • Four step motor power supplies

  • Twenty stepper motors (NEMA 17, 23, 34 frame sizes) - now available in single and dual-shaft models

  • Two stepper motor extension cables

  • SureStep Regen Clamp, STP-DRVA-RC-50

  • SureStep External Load Resistor, STP-DRVA-BR-100

  • STP-PRO v1.02 SureStep Pro Software is available as a free download or on CD

Stepper Motor Linear Actuators ... New!

These linear actuators are SureStep NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 frame stepper motors with a stainless-steel lead screw extension of the rotor. In conjunction with the provided screw nut, this actuator translates motor torque into linear thrust. These actuators are often used with undriven linear slides or linear shafts / linear supports to create simple, economical linear motion solutions.

All-in-one design offers:

  • Up to 193 lbs. of thrust

  • Speeds up to 18 inch/sec

  • Three standard lengths: 6 in, 9 in, and 12 in

  • 8 standard leads (travel per rev):

    • 0.25 in/rev, 0.5 in/rev, or 1.0 in/rev

    • 1.25 mm/rev, 2 mm/rev, 3 mm/rev, 6 mm/rev, 8 mm/rev, or 10.5 mm/rev

  • Styles with bearing journal and snap-ring groove (at screw end)

  • Styles with rear motor shaft and mounting holes for encoder mounting (use AMT10-series or AMT11-series encoders)

  • Long life, no maintenance screw nuts

    • Triangular design fits confined spaces (included)

    • Optional round design also available

  • Extension cables available in 6ft, 10ft, and 20ft lengths


SureGear® Precision Gearboxes for Small NEMA Motors


The SureGear PGCN series is a great gearbox value for servo, stepper, and other motion control applications requiring a NEMA size input/output interface. Features include:

  • Wide range of ratios (5, 10, 25, 50, and 100:1)

  • Low backlash of 30 arc-min or less

  • 20,000 hour service life

  • Maintenance free; requires no additional lubrication

  • NEMA sizes 17, 23, and 34

  • Includes hardware for mounting to SureStep stepper motors

  • Optional shaft bushings available for mounting to other motors

SureMotion® Linear Motion Slides and Actuators

SureMotion motor-ready actuator assemblies, sliding components and accessories.

  • Linear Slide Actuators - Value Line
    low-cost linear actuator using the latest in sliding element technology

  • Linear Slide Actuators - Compact Slide
    self-contained linear actuator designed for harsh or wet conditions in a very small package

  • Linear Slide Actuators - Twin Round Shafts
    continuously-supported round rail slide with ball screw actuation for precision linear motion

  • Linear Slide Components - Round Shaft Style available in both end- and continuously-supported shafts


SureMotion® Drive Couplings


SureMotion drive couplings and bore reducers.

  • Jaw / Spider Couplings

  • Double Loop Couplings

  • Oldham Couplings

  • Beam-Style Servo Couplings

  • Bore Reducers

SureServo2® - AC Servo Systems
SureGear® High-Precision Gearboxes
SureStep® - Stepper Systems
SureGear® Precision Gearboxes for Small NEMA Motors
SureMotion® Linear Motion Slides and Actuators
SM Drive Couplings
LS Electric L7C
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