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AMA-AUTOMATION is the automation sector of the AMA-GROUP with a focus on control technology and process measuring. Originally founded in 1976 we have more than 45 years history of successfully serving our customers in the manufacturing industry as well as in the wholesale business.

We at AMA-AUTOMATION are offering high-quality Hardware and Software products for various industry sectors - produced by some of the world’s most famous manufacturers, e.g.






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AMA-AUTOMATION has focused on the optimization and automation of clearly specified processes in the manufacturing field, delivering high-quality hardware and software products for mechanical engineering and plant construction.  


Our Core Capabilities at AMA are the crossover of Automation-, Information- and Communication technologies, based on more than 40 years of our Engineering experience.


known as Koyo Electronics Industries Co., LTD.) has recently celebrated its
50th anniversary. While development focused on building a reliable product,
they were also able to deliver a product that offers the best combination of price, ease of use and features. 

  • Over 50 Years of quality products

  • Leader in the PLC marketplace

From October 1, 2022, KOYO ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. has changed its company name to JTEKT ELECTRONICS CORPORATION.


AMA-SYSTEMS - the sister company and also part of the AMA-GROUP - has focused on the areas of Energy & Utility and delivers as VAR partner of SISCO Inc. in Michigan / USA the required licenses for Europe. Standardizations of automation devices for power generation and energy distribution take center stage of their activities. 
AMA-SYSTEMS is one of the rare system houses in Europe, which is covering the three core areas of automation and data integration and is able to implement them effectively for the benefit of the clients.  With real-time analyses diverse information can be processed and evaluated. This communication of the three core capabilities provides the customers with a series of new decision-making aids and, as an additional result it allows considerable cost savings for manufacturing and power generation companies. For more information please visit us on

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